Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Anti-Corruption E-Learning Course Now Available from Knowledge Platform

Knowledge Platform, Asia-Pacific's leading compliance e-learning solutions provider, released its new Anti-Corruption compliance e -learning course to raise awareness and educate corporate employees on Anti-corruption. 

Corruption has been a global phenomenon which affects businesses, both in private and public sector. Failure to comply with the pertinent legislation can lead to serious consequences for both companies and employees, including criminal sanctions of imprisonment and/or fines, civil law claims, and severe trust and confidence damage.

In response to this, Knowledge Platform designed this course to provide information, understanding and practical examples/scenarios on the concept of corruption, its consequences, and the various measures to identify the warning signs of corruption in public administration and financial management.

The 1-hour course has 4 modules; Introduction to Anti-Corruption, Penalties and Obligations, Third Parties and Corrupt Practices, and Anti-Corruption in Singapore. It also includes a master bank of 80 randomized assessment questions on anti-corruption principles which aims to evaluate comprehension and application. A set of audit and performance reports will be available.

E-Learning courses are significantly advantageous because it is available 24/7, cost-effective, scalable, leave audit trails, and can be personalized by assignment of learning content and automated scheduling. It is the best way to create compliance culture within your organization. 

To know more on Knowledge Platform's Anti-Corruption course, please visit http://www.knowledgeplatform.com/cic-form.aspx 

About Knowledge Platform

Knowledge Platform is one of Asia-Pacific's leading instructional design, e-learning content development and learning technology solutions companies. Established in early 2000, Knowledge Platform has offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Delhi and Islamabad. By providing services such as E-Learning Content, Instructional Design, Training Solutions, and E-Learning Technology Solutions, Knowledge Platform helps its clients to increase their learning efficiency. Knowledge Platform has a rapidly growing, blue chip enterprise, banking, educational, and government sector client base.

For additional information regarding Knowledge Platform, please visit www.knowledgeplatform.com or contact Carsten Rosenkranz at crosenkranz@knowledgeplatform.com

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